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Bioresonance Therapy

As indicated by its name, this powerful therapy takes advantage of the electromagnetic oscillations within the biological organism, and is used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

The basis of this therapy is to use the principle common to musicians of "resonant pitch". To create a "resonance", a "reverberation" with oscillations is taken from the patient and returned to the organism cleaned, enhanced and "tuned" to the correct healing "note". The BPA

Bioresonance therapy is closely related to Acupuncture and Homoeopathy and combines the advantages of both approaches.

From the patient's point of view Bioresonance therapy is non-invasive, as no needles are used. Electrodes are held by the patient or placed on relevant acupuncture points. The strength of the electric current is about a third of a single battery and not felt by most patients.

Acupuncture operates on the passage of electromagnetic energy through the body, specifically "photons", light energy.

Homoeopathy matches the patterns of its remedies to the same energy base; acupuncture treats the energy from outside to inside, homoeopathy from inside to outside which is why they make such good "twins" in medical practice.

Prof. Cyril Smith of Salford University has shown that allergic subjects may develop allergic symptoms not only in the presence of a sealed allergen in a glass tube but also to the frequency transmissions of the same allergen generated by means of an electronic resonator. It is evident that it is the physical vibration properties of matter rather than chemical properties which trigger the allergic response.

In Quantum physics it is established that light and sound have both wave and material components; biological systems also have these dual characteristics. Modern bio-physics has shown that intracellular D.N.A. resonates with coherent vibrations and emits photons. The intracellular D.N.A. has radio-like transmitting/receiving properties by which means cells intercommunicate and biological systems are controlled.

The correct wavelength balance stimulates normal health function (homeostasis) and it is noted by bio-physicists that biological systems resonate coherently at wavelengths in the range of 10Hz - 150Hz and that these wavelengths can be obstructed by resonance of similar wavelengths produced by poisons, toxins, viruses, bacteria, electro-magnetic pollution and of course allergens.

The Bicom System

The Bioresonance machine combines the approaches of acupuncture and homoeopathy as well, but in this case the machine "harvests" packets of energy information from the patient's body, processes this energy through filters and then in effect "pumps" back, cleaned and "healed" energy to the patient.

The use of this machine is to work on a very deep level of cellular repair with the specific applications of being able to greatly enhance the action of other therapies and to carry out work on de-sensitising allergens very effectively.


The Bioresonance Practitioners' Association has been established by a group of practitioners trained to the best German standards by one of their top Bioresonance practitioners, Mathias Jentzsch.

Bioresonance has been part of the leading edge of medical research and practice since 1977 when Dr. F. Morrell first put forward the idea of taking the body's own pathological signals to create an effective therapy by activating or inverting them to act as treatment made from the self, by the self, for the self.

Since therapists have a tendency to work alone and their level of expertise is difficult for the public to judge, this Association stands as a landmark in the formation of standards and competence in this new and dynamic therapy field.

Although all practitioners are qualified in other fields as well, the Association and register is concerned with the aspect of practice related to Bioresonance. The Association aims to be at the forefront of research, development and the introduction of this innovative modality to the population.

Membership & Qualifications

a)  There shall be four main categories of membership as defined in the BPA "Criteria for Membership".





b)   At present the basic requirements for entry to the Institute of Bioresonance Therapy Diploma course are as follows; medical practitioners, council of professions supplementary to medicine, dental practitioners, and members of the main complementary medicine organisations. Any other prospective candidate will need to show an equivalent level of knowledge in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology and the Etiology of the main pharmaceutical drugs in common prescription.

To qualify for Full membership of the BPA and carry the title Registered Bioresonance Practitioner, the Institute's full training must be completed and the Diploma passed. On application, established practitioners of Bioresonance Therapy who can show the Committee an equivalent level of competence will be screened for election to membership. Associate Members are deemed to be those who are undertaking the training and may be employed as non-diagnosing assistants in the course of Bioresonance Therapy. Technicians, who have no diagnostic capacity whatsoever, are only employed by full members to load programmes and place electrodes according to their written instructions.

Fellows of the Association are those who may be elected by their peers for long or special service to the Association.

c)   Membership of the BPA carries with it the assumption that each individual member is desirous of a lifetime of service to Bioresonance via a total and continuous commitment to the ideals of the Association.

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