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Welcome to our new website

28 October 2014

Hello everyone,
Welcome to our lovely, brand-new website, to celebrate 35 years in practice. The main news is that next year REJUVU is to be launched, The project is the culmination of years of research and many conversations held with many of the people I treat. The basic principle is to provide people with a reference base for living longer healthier lives in an easy to understand format. There are 1000's of books out there which you need a Phd in chemistry to understand, this is simple and concise.

We are always striving for improved service and technical delivery at the Rosedale, several innovations are underway. The costs of running the clinic have gone up and up over the years, we have had no increase in charges over the last 4 years, so, this year there are one or two slight increases, and medicines will be coming up to what we pay for them. I have relied on supplier discounts to hold prices for 4 years and most have peaked! I am planning to extend our capability to deliver the best to you over the next 10 years. Thank you. Chris.

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