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Live Blood Analysis

L.B.A. Or darkfield microscopy is a technology particularly suited to analysing live blood cells .  I carry out this procedure at the Rosedale Clinic.

How does it work?

L.B.A.  Provides an almost 3d picture of blood cells, so we can examine the shape  and structure compared to parameters laid down in standard works on haematology.

What does the analysis involve?

Using a softclix 2 device we take one drop of blood from a finger end and put it on a glass slide , this is put into the microscope and a picture of the moving blood comes up on the screen. We then discuss the blood picture. 

I was trained in 1999 in L.B.A.

Is L.B.A. For me?

I believe that a healthy transport and filter system is essential for the optimal function of the body.

Drinking plenty of pure water, minimising toxic loadings on the body are all helpful. We can see the effect of lack of water input with such issues as urinary tract infections , very common in the elderly and overload of toxins such as excess alcohol doing no good to the liver at any age.

There have been inflated and some ridiculous claims made for l.b.a in terms of diagnosis.

there is also very little evidence based research available.

Most of the diagnostic capability of L.B.A is based solely on the experience of practitioners.

This has resulted in a ruling from the advertising standards authority that there are to be no claims made for any potential benefit from the analysis

Therefore please e-mail me your story or phone and i will discuss with you whether or not it might be of service.