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Chris Boardman M.B.Ac.C M.UK.H.M.A. MBPA. F.C.M.A.

A good place to start when deciding who to see and ultimately to trust with your well-being is to look at their history, background and philosophy. So, this is me.

Early life

I was born in Nigeria and though my parents had nothing to do with medicine, they had great empathy for people and their needs. My father was a civil engineer working on water supplies and roads, and my mother was a teacher.

We came back to England when I was two years old and life progressed. Aged nine, I started to practise Judo and did that continually until taking up Aikido at sixteen, which I still practise to this day. (The old wine cellar at the Rosedale is my Dojo where I train and do some teaching.)

On the road to acupuncture

I think my first conscious nudge in the direction of oriental medicine came when I watched one of my Japanese teachers stop a nose-bleed in one of my class mates by rubbing acupuncture points on his neck!

I studied martial arts, meditation of various types and then began a course in classical acupuncture in 1976. Having qualified three years later, I began practicing in Reading and Oxford shortly afterwards. In fact, I was the first resident acupuncturist in Reading and was delighted to be accepted as a practitioner by the people of the town.

I see my practice as an extended family, working together to achieve the best result.

Expanding into homeopathy

Acupuncture to my mind is one of the most incredible healing arts in the world, however it does not answer all equations. Shortly after I started practice, my good friend Dr Lambert Mount, a renowned classical homeopath sent patients to me for acupuncture and I started to send people to him for the things acupuncture could not fix.

I have always been one for cost-effectiveness, so I thought, “Mmmm must study this!” which led me to enroll with the Hahnemann college in London, run mostly by Hindu and Moslem doctors. (Homeopathic doctors outnumber allopathic doctors 4 to 1 in India and Pakistan.) This was a great learning platform because they were dealing with real disease and the worst functional issues as well. And in 1984, I qualified as a classical Homeopath.

Building a holistic practice

In 1985 I studied the Vega technique with Drs Lewith and Kenyon in Southampton. This analysis enables one to target organs, systems, allergens, viruses etc. I then went on to further study with Dr Helmut Schimmel, the inventor of the Vega system, and was one of his personal students until his death.

So there was now a reasonable base for my practice, including acupuncture, classical homoeopathy, Vega-test and complex (mixture) homoeopathy, testing for nutrition and so on. The next stage came in 1999 when I studied Bioresonance for 2 years with Mathias Jentz. This technique harnesses patterns of energy “read “ from the body, then adds therapy wavelengths and returns the whole package to be absorbed by the body and its organs, I use this for “switching off allergens“ right through to easing colic spasms in little children. The ability to identify sensitivities and then help the system to reduce their impact is a great thing.

I also trained at this time in the Russian Scenar technique, a method devised for regulating health in space conditions when the cosmonauts could take no medications. I use it largely for orthopedic and neuro-muscular work. When it comes to diagnosis, I take good note of all the results that people obtain from their doctors and hospital, as well as doing my own Vega–testing, Electro-Interstitial-scanning, and Live blood analysis.

From me to you

So what’s the point of all this study and qualifications?

Quite simply, to bring you an excellent range of therapies provided by a single practitioner – a person who can take the time to get to know you and your needs. A person who can mix a palette of therapies for you without the cost or time penalties involved in seeing several different practitioners.

And, rest assured, if for any reason I can’t help you, I undertake as part of my duty of care to do my best to find someone who can.

My plan for this next decade is to go forward, continuing to work hard to achieve the best results for all who come to see me.

Thank you for reading,