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What is holistic or natural medicine?

Holistic practitioners don’t just treat the symptoms of a physical problem, they look at the whole person. Treatments are based on achieving a balance in physiology and lifestyle, using mainly non-invasive techniques, along with natural processes and substances.

Why should I choose the Rosedale Clinic?

Mainly for the diversity of treatments and the quality of our practitioners. It’s your single source for a whole range of holistic treatments to suit your precise condition.

What if I am already on medication from my GP?

Many people I see are in contact with or under treatment from their GP or hospital. I always seek to work alongside previously prescribed medication etc, seeking where possible to improve the "function" of a person's system, so that in time they may need less and less drug support. I am a great believer in obtaining the widest spread and depth of diagnostic information and seeking to draw the individual items into a pattern which can be worked on.

I am not sure if natural medicine is the way I should go

The vast majority of problems people have are to do with the 'function' or 'tuning' of their system, so, natural medicine, often called FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE approaches are very suitable. Here at the Rosedale we are strongly in favour of obtaining all possible diagnostic information to rule out pathology (deep or irreversible tissue change) the main province of ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE . Therefore I am very pleased to liaise with other medical practitioners to get you the best INTEGRATED result.

How much will it cost?

Obviously the cost of treatments vary depending on the complexity, type of resources involved and the number of sessions required. However, to take acupuncture as an example, the initial consultation which includes the first treatment, would cost £65.00. Subsequent acupuncture sessions if needed would be £55.00.

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How do I make an appointment?

Simply call the clinic to book your first visit.

What if I have any other questions?

We understand that for many people holistic medicine is an unknown quantity and will be happy to answer any of your queries or concerns. Please just call or email.