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Allergy and sensitivity are ever increasing problems in our society, a massive mix of dietary, environmental, contact and stress factors appear to be the cause. Most allergic reactions are really a way of the body showing it cannot cope with the factor(s) irritating it, so it comes out in a rash, streaming nose, itching skin, wheezy chest or even loose bowels. I have worked with allergies for 30 years plus and have had great success in helping people to correct the sensitivities they are troubled by.

I test using the Vega (Wega) expert device, which reads a test value between a hand held metal tube and a probe on hand or toe points. Readings are taken with allergens in the machine to see what level of reaction takes place when the item is tested on the person. There is no pain, it is non-invasive and the results are usually "on the spot " As a basis, I test foods, airborne materials, animal hair and also regularly test items from the persons home or work. Speciality foods, hairdressing products, (one leading brand brings hairdressers out in skin rashes), I also test organs and systems to find out where the "weakness" lies that allows the allergic reaction to take place.

The next step is to do something about it.

I use desensitising liquid drops, bioresonance therapy and tablet form homoeopathy. Here is one example:

IBS, loose bowel, wind and bloating

  • Test for sensitive foods
  • Take foods out of diet
  • Treat system for the stomach /colon problem
  • Gradually desensitise rogue foods and then add them back to the diet.

This should lead to a system which can once again cope with life as we live it.

Please contact me to discuss your personal needs, or click here to download our Allergy Testing document

For the main allergy/ sensitivity test, I test the following groups; Cow dairy / Egg / Grains / Meat / Fish / Fruit / Vegs / Legumes / Nuts / Mushrooms / Sugars / Alcohol / Flavour enhancers / Sweeteners / Additives / Isostar / Choco powder / Tofu orig / Starches / Salt / Teas / Coffees / Seed oils / Fats & Oils / Condiments / Spices / Misc. Dusts / Pollens.