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Acupuncture - A versatile and ancient method of tuning energy to promote health

Aromatherapy - The use of essential oils that have therapeutic properties

Bioresonance - Advanced technology that delivers wavelengths to stimulate healing

Counselling and Psychotherapy

E.I.S. - Stands for Electro Interstitial Scanning mainly used for diagnosis

Homeopathy - Natural preparations that work on the Like Cures Like principle

Hyperphoton Therapy

Hypnobirthing  Louise Carter at

Hypnotherapy - Taps into the subconscious to help with social and emotional issues

Laser Acupunture - A modern alternative form of acupuncture that doesn’t use needles (see Hyperphoton therapy)

Matrix regeneration therapy - Mechanical based version of lymphatic massage and organ stimulation

Meditation - A natural method of achieving relaxation and a more focused mind

Nutrition - The science of regulating health through a naturally balanced diet

Ozone therapy - Increases the amount of oxygen in the body to cure various ailments

Physiotherapy - We have direct links to one of the foremost orthopeadic physios in the uk. Contact me for details.

Reflexology - Uses points on the feet to relieve conditions throughout the body

Scenar - A machine that analyses the state of the body and treats accordingly

Swedish Massage - Professional manipulation often used in conjunction with Aromatherapy

Vega (Wega) diagnostics - The latest Wega device, formerly known as Vega, is designed to obtain information about systems, functions and sensitivities.

Whole body Laser Therapy

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