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Matrix regeneration

M.R.T. works on stimulation of the connective tissue and lymph drainage, allied to organ stimulation. Cleaning the body of as much toxicity as possible is a great starting place for renewing health. "KEEP YOUR FILTERS CLEAN" is a basic premise for health.

Matrix Regeneration Therapy works on three tried and tested modalities that work in harmony.

  • Rhythmic direct current treatment, active dissipation of toxins by electrical re-polarisation.
  • Petechial suction massage, active transportation of toxins to the skin surface,
  • System-information-therapy, neutralisation of dissipated toxins and balancing of the connective tissue, with the added advantage of bioresonant stimulation of organs and metabolism.

Experience shows that 6-8 therapy sessions are needed to provide adequate stimulation.

Conta-indications. Pregnancy, Epilepsy, Pacemaker, Acute fevers, severe cardiac arrythmias, severe organ degeneration, blood coagulation disorders.